>As promised…

>Here is the menu blog… I am freaky passionate about menu planning, organized and affordable grocery shopping, and cooking/meal preperation in general..
I shop at CostCo for the majority of my meats, buying many in large sizes and cutting them down to individual portions for freezing – I go once every 2 months. For fresh produce and other items, I just by in season and on sale… I also use the SHARE program, which allows me to get great prices on pre-selected packages of groceries that I pick up once a month…
I am sure I will get better at blogging about it – for now it is a way to share with friends and feed my obsession for menu planning.

Upcoming dinners include:

-“Bangers and Mash” (Apple chicken sausage with whipped potatoes and Guiness gravy)
-Broccoli Beef and Quinoa
-George Forman Panini sammies with ginger grilled chicken and laughing cow cheese wedge spread
-Balsamic Glazed steak for Todd/ salmon for me with a big salad
-Sheppards Pie (filling made from pre-made meatloaf that was in my SHARE package last month)
-Garlic honey pork tenderloin in the slowcooker with frozen veggie mix…


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