>My favorite day of the month

>Tomorrow is my favorite day of the month… SHARE order pick up day!!
That is the day that SHARE participants go to their designated sites and pick up the awesome food we ordered earlier in the month…
This time I got a variety package with all kinds of fabulous frozen meats, plus some a la carte turkey tenderloin… they have the best turkey tenderloins, and you get two huge cuts of turkey for 3.75!!
And SHARE is also a great way to help others… portions of your sale go towards feeding struggling families in your area… The whole program is amazing in the simplicity of the idea, and in how very well it works!

SHARE day also means that I update my inventory lists for my freezer and my pantry, and add to my list of possible dinners that I use to make my menus each week.. (So I get to really wallow in my freakish love of food organization and menu planning – it is like a party for me…)

If you live in one of these states, you should check out the SHARE program there:
South Dakota


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