>Soup is good food..

>Ok, the current snowy scene out my window is not exactly making me crave the big salad that I had planned for dinner tonight… So, my mental inventory of what was in my freezer tonight kicked into gear, and I actually think that this might solve a problem I was pondering last night as I pulled things from the freezer to defrost for the week…
I have some of Costco’s delicious frozen ravioli left in there, but not enough for a meal by any means…

HOWEVER – it will be a perfect addition to a yummy chicken and veggie soup for tonight!!

I will just take some of my frozen chicken stock, toss in a couple of cubed chicken breasts, the end of the ravioli, and some herbs and veggies and *poof* problem solved and belly warmed…

My mouth is watering suddenly… and that Ruffio Libaio Chardonnay would be yummy with it too…

Come on clock, keep ticking …. I want to go home and cook!


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