>Just to confuse Jessica Simpson..

>So last night I had two things going on – 1. a piece of pork loin that was thawed and needed to be served, and 2. a hankering for buffalo sauce..

I cooked the pork loin, which had been hanging out in a balsamic/herb mixture overnight, in the slow cooker with some chicken stock, drained the liquid after 6 hours, and shreaded the pork.. Then it got a coating of my spicy buffalo sauce (a heaping teaspoon – from the table, not the measureing set – of ketchup, two or three of the same device full of I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter, a dash of red wine vinagar, a few shakes of garlic powder, and as many shakes of Frank’s hot sauce as it takes for me to feel the burn when taste testing – all heated through together in a sauce pan).
I put the shreaded buffalo pork on buttered, toasted buns, sprinkled a little blue cheese on top and afixed the tops…

I would have prefered something like an iceburg wedge salad along side, but alas, DH’s desire for starch won out, and we had home-fried potatoes with the sammies..

It was damn good… I wish I had a camera that wasn’t a piece of junk, because they even looked pretty…

The humble chicken wing is always a-ok with me, but buffalo pork loin will see an encore in our house for sure!!


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