>One of my favorite cheat nights…

>By Friday even I am usually too worn out from the week to have any desire to make some fancy-pants complicated dinner…. but we are also usually both too pooped to really go any where that involves thought…
This means we end up at one of a handful of restuarants at the end of our block over and over again, or (hopefully) that I have planned ahead for some quick and easy dinner to whip up…

One of my favorites (thanks Kraft Food and Family Magazine!!) is the cheapy frozen pizza made into a delicious treat by the simple step of cooking on the grill!!

Buy the store brand, no frills, super simple pizza with toppings of your choice (We do pepperoni for H, and then I like to add other things that I have to mine.. maybe fresh tomatoes, spinach, roasted garlic, etc.. something to dress it up)…

Heat up your grill like you would for anything else, toss the frozen pizza on there and close the lid
on your grill and let it go for like 5 minutes… give it a quarter turn and let it go another 5 minutes or so with the lid on – or until it looks done (it’s a frozen pizza, not a suffle, you know what it looks like when it is done)..

The crust turns out like it came from a restaurant pizza oven… Cut it up and serve it with a side salad (sometimes H will eat salad, sometimes not… but I offer it to balance the meal out anyway..)

Trust me – this is sooooo good and so easy, you will always keep a pizza on hand “just in case”…


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