>Nestie GTG "Happy Hour"


I am so just like Monica Geller… I am ALWAYS the host… it is one of my favorite activities… So with The H out of town for one last night, I decided to host a little “happy hour” for some of the wonderful Denver area Nesties… I left work a bit early, because I was so excited to get home and play in the kitchen, laying out some appetizers for my guests, and whipping up a pitcher of loosely interpreted White “Sangria”…

I put out a cheese board, with my “cheater” Worcestershire Cheddar spread (I take store-bought plain cheddar spread add some Worcestershire sauce and a dash of tobassco whip it all together and form it into a sort of wedge shape on the board), a nice big wedge of gorganzola, and an herby, mellow goat cheese; surrounded by grapes, sliced pears, and other fruit, and some water crackers…. also:

-cold shrimp and cocktail sauce (Ketchup with a squeeze of lemon juice, a shake of Worcestershire Sauce, a pinch of garlic from the jar in the fridge, and a teaspoon of dill relish all mixed up together)

-grilled bread with laughing cow swiss spread, smoked salmon and blueberries on top

-some garlic stuffed, and some pimento stuffed olives (I love stuffed olives!)

-macaroons (NOT homemade, I picked them up at Whole Foods.. they were really good!)

We ended up sitting around the food instead of out on the patio, drinking Sangria and snacking away the evening, chatting and munching and laughing (and fending off our dog, who was being especially jumpy for some reason).. It was a blast…

Simple snacks, some wine, and great company make a truely memorable evening…

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