>Garlic basil blast is the answer to everything

>Another of the MANY little bits of helpful culinary genius to be found at Whole Foods is the magical concoction known as Garlic Basil Blast. Tucked in a fridge case next to all of their wonderful prepared food bars along with a myriad of other equally-inspiring prepared sauces and spreads, this seemingly simple mixture has proven itself worthy of “always have on hand” status…

Not only was it great for adding something different, fresh, and tasty to our MANY assorted antipasto nights during the kitchen reno, but spreading it on a split loaf of crusty French bread and broiling open-faced for a couple minutes produces garlic bread that turns cheap and simple pasta nights into something worthy of guests – a hearty salad, a big plate of spagetti, and a generous hunk of warm, bubbly garlic basil blast bread – now that is a meal that welcomes everyone to the table!

Last night produced another simple-yet-delicious idea for the heavenly goo: Ham and Cheddar paninis with a shmear of garlic basil blast on each piece of bread… soooo goooood.. :::drooling on keyboard at sight of picture:::

A pressed sammie is never a bad thing, all hot and crusty and cheesy and melty – but the basil in the spread gave it a kind of freshness, the garlic added a tiny bit of kick, and the consistancy of the spread and the cheese melting together all warm and delish was a perfect contrast to the crusty outer layer.
Piled next to some shoestring fries, it was a super-simple hit with The H.
Score one for the folks at Whole Foods for another yummy time-saving find in the prepared food section.. Love it.


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