>Asian Persuasion.. Salad H will actually eat..

> The H is not a big fan of salads… He calls good mixed greens “weeds,” he whimpers and fishes things he doesn’t like or recognize off his plate with the tip of a fork tine, he sighs heavily when I set anything other than a ceasar down in front of him…
One exception, however, is this Asian inspired steak salad… I start out with a bag of “American” salad mix, carrots, iceburg, maybe some red cabbage (he will pick that out tho).. to this I add any veggie I can get away with sneaking in – I use red and green bell peppers, because I know he will eat those, some sugar snap peas (sometimes he eats them, sometimes not), tiny pieces of broccoli florrets, extra chopped carrot, anything I have in the house that I think might get eaten.
I toss this mixture with some Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger Dressing – The H LOVES the stuff, which I never would have guessed…
The final touch that helps this salad go from “meh” to “Manly” is a small portion of cleverly sliced up steak marinaded for an hour in a mix of pressed garlic, a splash of soy sauce, chilli powder, red wine vinagar, and a bit of veggie oil – then grilled or broiled to medium rare… the trick is slicing thin, so a little meat goes a long way and he isn’t filling up just on a big hunk of steak…

-PS, the salad dressing itself makes a great marinade for meat if you are serving it without the salad – but I like to mix it up a bit when I am having it with the salad, and the chilli powder in the marinade gives it a nice kick (I add plenty!)


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