>We got the funk…

It would appear that I have a bit of a cold, food lovers… Tuesday night I started to feel a little “iffy” and my culinary prowess reflected my ick – making The H a braut and some corn, and me some chicken soup… by Wednesday morning the funk had fully settled in, and we were in for a week of “what can I throw in a pot for this guy to eat?” kind of meals..
We had
-the aforementioned Brauts and corn (and soup for me)
– Ground beef and cheese quesidillas (and soup for me)
-frozen pizza and salad (and a big hot toddy for me)

This morning I woke up wondering if bronchitis might be rearing it’s mucusy head, and looking forward to the weekend not so I can hang in the kitchen with a glass of wine and cook up a storm, but so I can lay on the sofa with my Vicks 44 and mucenex….

Pass the chicken soup, please…


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