>Confession time – last night’s din left plenty to be desired…

>So yesterday I dropped a chunk of rump roast into my crock pot along with a packet of onion-chive dip mix I had laying around, some beef broth, and a generous pour of a bottle of Merlot that I had purchased for use in this dish specifically… Turned it on low, gave it a little nod, and took off out the door for work, happy in the thought of returning home to a great smelling dinner that was almost done..

It did smell great when I walked through the door -so I roasted some broccoli florets and chopped up potatoes drizzeled with olive oil in the oven, sprinkled them with cheese to minimize protests from The Hub, and we sat down to eat…

It was…. fine… To be honest the meat didn’t have much flavor, considering it was cooked in dip mix and wine, for goodness sakes! WTF? The Hub said it was good, but I was expecting it to be a real “wow” dish and I was left totally culinarily dissapointed…

I am not even going to speculate how I might solve the problem next time… I don’t see why there would be a “next time” for this blah bummer…

:::sigh::: After that let down, I think I will get The Hub to take me for burgers tonight, and let the sting of a ho-hum creation die down a bit…


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