>Back in the saddle…

>Ok ok ok… Pickings have been a little slim around eatdrinkandbekeri lately – but only because action in the kitchen has been limited..
But I am back in a big way this week, kiddos, I promise!!

Last night I made lasagna pizza topped with ricotta, pepperoni and motzerella for dinner (I did use pilsbury pizza dough to make things easy, but who can resist a picture of the dough-boy anyway?)… The Hub is a big fan of a “Lasagna Pizzetta” from a local joint (or local chain now, I guess) called Pasquini’s, so I figured it would be a hit… it was!! And the dough boy makes a pretty darn good pizza crust for that kind of dish – it was a bit bready, but for the weight of the toppings that actually worked out really well!!

Coming up this week:

Fish and Chips
Beef Tips
BBQ Chicken wraps

I promise to cook up a storm and get this place hoppin’ again!!


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