>Lazy Cook = French Everything!!


It was cold yesterday.. woke up to freezing drizzly yuck…. By the time I schlepped thru my day and made it home to The Hub, who returned from a business trip that afternoon, I was cold, cranky, and ready for a hot, substantial, comforting dinner… Enter the french dip and fries!

I had french bread in the freezer, so I grabbed some deli roast beef on the way home and heated it in some beef stock on the stove while the frozen french fries were cooking in the oven, and then layered the roast beef on pieces of french bread (french bread, french fries, french dip… See a pattern here, Oui?) with some white cheddar and let them get melty inside and crusty outside before serving them up with a heap of fries and the warmed beef stock for dipping…
Just what the culinary doctor ordered – and about 20 minutes after entering the casa, we were sitting down over piping hot dinner… Yay….


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