>Worse.food blogger.ever.

>I took NO pictures, not one, of the food for the party… We had a couple arrive VERY early for the party and it just kind of threw off my mojo or something… Honestly I was kind of bummed…
I was so flustered that I forgot the last minute things I needed to remember – like putting my flat iron away after it cooled down, so it sat in our front bathroom looking janky until like 9:30 when I finally went to the loo and saw it… 😦

I really wish I had taken pictures because my table scape was freaking awesome… I laid down some silk magnolia stems that had a touch of shimmer to them on top of a pale green and cream table cloth… for the antipasti platter, I actually did two – one which sat on my awesome old picnic basket, and another which sat below it, with grapes cascading between the two….. after I got the other platters in place, I put a sprinkling of mini christmas ball ornaments in icy blue, silver and matte white around the the table too… It was my best one yet…

Anyway, the tuscan mushrooms mentioned in the last entry were a HUGE hit – people loved them so much… all the food turned out great, although I would make my “mini flat breads” bigger (I used a biscut cutter to do them this time) just so they would sit up on the grill a bit more during cooking…. also, the white bean garlic puree was really tasty, but my sis pointed out that people liked the individually portioned things better, so I think I would spread it on crackers instead of serving it in a bowl if I was going to serve it again… but the recipe was spot on – great flavor!!

Also, between the antipasti boards and various recipes, I roasted and used 7 heads of garlic… if I ever need that much again I would probably buy it pre-roasted, just because The Hub was not thrilled that there was a pan of roasting garlic in the oven for 5 hours on Thursday night… (woops).. I personally thought it smelled amazing when it was roasting..

Anyway, I suck, party is over and I have no pics to show for it… no one is more dissapointed than me, I promise… I am SO mad at myself…

Seriously tho… try those Tuscan Mushrooms… oh, and don’t show up 40 minutes early for a party even if it is “to help” unless you have cleared it with the host… Those are my tips for the holiday season… chin chin…


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