>New Tag – Lighter Side – lettuce wraps

>There is no denying it anymore… There is more to love of The Hub and me than there used to be…

And in honor of the Wii Fit he got me for Christmas and the regimen I am trying to keep with it, I am going to lighten things up, menu-wise, around our table….

The trick with this has always been getting my picky eater and his big appetite to go along with the plan… My solution to this problem, I have decided, is to get really creative, come up with all kinds of fun flavorful new meals, so that he doesn’t get bored by the same old “diet food”.

Last night I made Asian inspired lettuce wraps…

-I put some very lean beef cut into strips into the slow cooker along with some beef stock, and a generous spoonful of minced garlic.. I sprinkled in some cayenne pepper for a little kick, and left it to cook on low all day….

-I cooked half a cup of quick cooking brown rice in 3/4 cup of boiling water until the liquid absorbed, then added 2 shakes of low sodium soy sauce to the rice, piled some jullianned carrots on top of the rice, and put the lid on while finished everything else (I like carrots warmed thru, but not mushy)

-Into iceburg lettuce leaves I spread some of the rice/carrot mix, and then added a few strips of the beef to each wrap..

They were good… filling, flavorful, and approved by The Hub….

Stay tuned for more visits to the Lighter Side, and if you have favorite recipes, tips, etc for weight watching, PLEASE post them for me!!


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