>Lighter Side – Jamaican Spiced Chicken


So I made this Jamaican Spiced Chicken recipe from Cooking Light, using chicken breast tenders instead of thighs, and it was another home run from Cooking Light!! Almost like jerk seasoning.. (sort of jerk-lite). The one thing I would’ve changed had nothing to do with the recipe, it was all my fault – I have been cooking my tenders in a 400 degree oven, cooking for maybe 8-10 minutes and then flipping and cooking another 5-8 minutes until they are done but juicy. Last night I left them in a bit too long, about 30 minutes, and they were a bit dry, which was really obvious since it is a recipe with no sauce to hide the dryness… my bad, watch the chicken better next time, Keri!!
Anyway, as you can see, The Hub had his with corn, and I had broccoli with half a slice of turkey bacon and some minced garlic – yum!!


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