>Add another challenge to the mix..

>On Friday my husband was laid off… this was followed by a weekend of meals I won’t talk about here, because they consisted mainly of chewing on the horrifying news, and washing it down with generous portions of booze…

That being said, it is what it is, and we are much better off then so many, and so I add another check mark to my list of what is important in a meal.. economy..
I have long been obsessed with keeping my grocery bills low, it is my favorite challenge. However, I will need to adhere strictly to a budget now, not for the challenge, but because it will help The Hub as he searches for the next company lucky enough to employ him..

Look for the new Penny Pincher tag popping up a lot as I employ all my best money saving tricks (and learn lots of new ones, I hope!)..

After all that hootch and the biggest, bitterest pill we have swallowed together in our 4+ years of marriage, Sunday night I knew we needed something yummy but not flashy..

I whipped up stacked enchiladas with some left over shreaded pork and corn tortillas I had in the freezer, and made a REALLY GREAT sauce using a can of tomato soup and a half teaspoon of adobo paste from the pantry cabinet, and teaspoon of cumin… layered with some 2% cheese, the tortillas, and the pork, it was just what we needed to fortify us for what lies ahead.. I can promise I will never make enchillada sauce any other way – it was way too easy, flavorful, and cheap!! Portion control is needed when eating things like that, but I went light on the cheese, and I have leftovers for lunch this week…


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