>One way I will NOT be stretching my grocery dollars!!

>Just saw this “tip” and I think I might barf:
“Make large pots of different varieties of homemade soup at a time. Freeze individual servings for lunches, if a microwave is available. Serve “Free Soup” as well. Keep a container in your freezer for any leftovers, such as cooked meat, broth, gravy, sauces, beans, rice, pasta and vegetables. When it’s full, heat it up, add anything else you want, and serve your free flavorful soup!”

Um, no… while I agree that using leftovers in soup is a great idea… and that soup is a fabulous way to take lots of little frozen leftovers and make a meal – I am not about to toss EVERYTHING INTO ONE container in the freezer every night until it is full and then cook it on the stove and call it soup..

“Oh hi Honey! Here’s my “BBQ Beef, Curried Chicken, Spaghetti with Vodka Sauce, Country Gravy, Brussle Sprout, jalepeno, and sausage soup!!” (Some of the stuff I currently have frozen)



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