>Can we talk about Walgreens for a second..


The Internet is full of genius moms who get tons of stuff at Walgreens and pay next-to-nothing thanks to coupon stacking and their rebate programs (which are actually going to be changing, evidently)..
I have had some moderate success getting good deals at Walgreens, but yesterday I hit the motherlode..

I had a 3dollar off coupon (Cantilina) from a previous trip, and I knew they were having a sale on eggs – I decided we would dye eggs as our activity on Saturday night, and then I would have lunch protein for the week..
So I grabbed two dozen eggs from the freezer, marked at 2 for 3 dollars, and looked around for something to bump the bill up just enough to use the coupon (needed to total 3.01 or greater)..
They were closing out some tostinos-knockoff pizzas, which The Hub loves for lunch – normally $1.00, on sale for $0.50 each).

I grabbed the last 3 pepperoni that they had and headed to check out.. First dozen eggs rung up at $1.25… interesting… then the second rung up for $0.75! WOO HOO!!

Grand total out of my pocket for 2 dozen eggs and 3 lunches for The Hub? $0.50!!!

Even the Walgreens guy looked up from the register and said “Looks like you did pretty well…”

Sweet… so, so sweet…


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  1. >My favorite deals are those spontaneious “finds” like this!Thanks for linking to Mission Possible!

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