>Beef Stew a la Keri…

> After a beautiful sunny morning that I spent planting flowers for the Treehouse patio, the skies turned grey, the wind whipped up and rain (which turned to snow) washed away my sunny day…
So it was the PERFECT evening to use up some small scraps of beef I had in the freezer and make a batch of my shamelessly easy Beef Stew..

I cut the beef into fairly uniform cubes, and browned on all sides in a large soup pot before adding one can of veggie-beef soup, 1 soup can of water, a teaspoon of Worcestershire, and some leftover roasted potatoes and carrots from dinner on Friday evening… it all got heated through and then thickened using one tablespoon of cornstarch mixed with an equal amount of cold water and added to the simmering stew.
We ate it with a demi-loaf of crusty sourdough bread…


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