>Product Rave

>So last night The Hub and I were headed to a complementary Scotch tasting with my CW and her guy.. the seating was at 6pm, but I knew I wanted us to eat something before we went and drank a bunch of Scotch (plus I didn’t want to pony up for expensive bar eats!)
I had 3 different frozen pizza coupons, including one for the new Newman’s Own Thin and Crispy Pizza (grab the coupon here) – it was also on sale at King Soopers, so it was the winner…
Boy am I glad – it is GOOD!! The Hub was raving about it – we had the “un-cured pepperoni” variety and the pepperoni was so tasty and meaty, the crust was crunchy but not totally dry or bland, the whole thing was so flavorful!!
It is priced pretty much in the center of the premium frozen pizzas, with the sale and the coupon it was very reasonable and well worth trying!! (So now you do it!)


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