>Use what you have entertaining!

>My fabulous friend MG came over for a little HH at Home last night, and I mixed up some martinis (duh – that is like second nature now – VICTORY, I have succeeded in making the cocktail hour come alive again!) and decided to skip the store and use what I had at home to make some munchies to accompany our drinkys..
Apples have been on sale for a song all over the place lately (hello Target and your free apple opportunities) so I cut up an apple, half of a giant cucumber, some sharp cheddar (2% even, what a healthy snack!) and grabbed some tortilla chips… I piled it all around a container of Spinach Artichoke dip that I had in the freezer and TAAAAH DAAAAA! – Quick, healthy, yummy, and affordable!!

It was perfect… I would have set it outside for some quality patio time, but alas, the wind was a whippin’ like crazy right then!! Oh well – you can’t control the weather, right?

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  1. >it was very delicious!!!

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