>You say potato..

The Hub and I are both potato fiends, there is no denying that – and I think the potato gets a bad rap, personally… The humble potato isn’t just a dangerous carb bomb waiting to explode and leave you reaching for your stretchy pants – that is just not true at all!!
What can a potato offer? How about half your rec. daily Vitamin C intake? Loads of Potassium (take that, banana!) and fiber too? Yep – it is in there… (eat the skin please!)

And potatoes really aren’t the calorie-cow people assume (How many people remember their moms doing baked potato diets when they were younger? Funny how perceptions change, eh?)

So when we do have baked potatoes, I like to make them the star of the show and do a toppings bar so everyone can have what best suits their needs and wants.
Last night was my “famous” baked potatoes ole – with Mexican themed topping selections and lean ground turkey spiced with cayenne, garlic, and cumin on top of the ‘taters. The Hub went for light sour cream, shredded cheddar, and jalapenos on top of his turkey-covered potato; while I chose lots of spicy salsa and a measured tablespoon of light sour cream as well..
Mmmmmm… I love you potato…


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