>Chicken Piccata Improvised

Recently I had a suggestion that I should make Chicken Piccata for The Hub as something different that he would enjoy -and I agreed whole-heartedly!

Actually, I kind of started craving it – but alas, there were no capers in my fridge or pantry cabinet.. 😦

I needed something salty and pickle-ie tasting, like capers, so I improvised. Refering VERY loosely to the recipe provided by the suggester (because I don’t want her horrifed looking at this and thinking “that is NOTHING like my piccata!”) I used two b/s chicken breasts, which I seasoned lightly with lemon pepper and then pan sauteed (I skipped dredging out of laziness more than anything, I admit it) until done but still nice and juicy.
Then I removed those to a plate and tented with foil while I squeezed the juice of two lemons into the skillet and used it to deglaze the pan a bit. I followed that with one ounce of dirty martini mix (a big bottle of olive brine used to keep us drinkers in afternoon cocktails once the olive jar runs dry) and let the mixture reduce until it was a glaze.
I added the chicken back to the pan and turned to coat and make sure everything was good and hot, and it got served with steamed broccoli and carrots.

I have to say, it was good… it tasted “picatta-y”..

McGyver has nuthin’ on me.


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