>Cheese Steak sammies

>One of my favorite portion control tricks is to chop or shread meats and pile them to add volume and make them look “bigger”… Case in point – I took 5 oz of chuck steak and turned it into two mounded cheese steak sammies.. one for The Hub:

And the slightly less caloric version for me:
..and there was meat left over!!
BTW – my project this summer is to make some lighter versions of The Hub’s faves (like the mack and cheese on his plate above) that are actually easy to throw together, so stay tuned!
To make these cheese steaks, I chopped the steak and tossed in Worcestershire Sauce and some black pepper; then tossed the meat in a hot skillet and shuffled until just cooked before adding some 2% cheese… couldn’t be easier or faster. (I was also able to pass off leftover Mac and Cheese from lunch the day before as a fresh yummy side dish by adding a bit of liquid to refresh – avoiding picky eater pouting)

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