>She freezes WHAT?

>The Hub was evidently unaware that the majority of the eggs he eats nowadays are frozen.. I figured this was common knowledge since there are plastic containers filled with stacks of these little froze egg pucks (which I freeze in muffin tins and then pack in plastic containers with a piece of wax paper in between each one)… I load up during sales or when I find the grade B eggs at my King Soopers – duh – does he not know me AT ALL!?

Seriously, I will freeze anything once just to see if it works – and I refer to this website quite a bit as well (and others as well): About.com freezing

I freeze milk (and coconut milk) in 1/4 cup messurements so I can grab what I need for recipes:

Good deals on fruits and veggies result in stocking up and freezing as well – I currently have parcooked carrots, roasted sliced red and green peppers, cooked corn removed from the cob, strawberries, and jalepeno and adobo peppers, which I ALWAYS have in there- all frozen in ziplocks with the air squeezed out, and waiting for me to use their goodness.

Of course you are talking about the girl who used to freeze individual portions of Pizza Hut pizza when she lived alone… BTW – it worked perfectly.

Happy hording, people!


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