>Back from Indy with a huge salad hankering!!

> This was my dinner last night… mmmm.. I arrived home from visiting my Sis and BIL (with The Hub AND my parents as well!) in Indy and I was craving a big salad.. It probably has to do with the amount of “mid western delicacies” I like to consume while visiting them.. Steak n’ Shake, for instance, is one that I MUST have every single time I go out there.. (hello beloved pump cheese, you make everything better, you orange dream, you…) but I digress…

I wanted a really good, really hearty salad so I mixed Kale, Romaine, & Radicchio and tossed in a drizzle of balsamic and some salt and pepper; then added an ounce of Gorgonzola cheese, some grilled onion, and perfectly ripe (and huge) whole tomato, and 3 oz of grilled chicken seasoned with herbs de Provence. OH YEAH – it hit the spot – perfect balance of peppery greens, balsamic, cool tomatoes and warm chicken melting the blue cheese just a touch… mmmmm.. so. good. (Thank you Sunflower Market for your always fabulous prices on salad fixins!)

The Hub, however, wasn’t into it… I made him a beef fajita quesadilla using some roasted green pepper, thin strips of grilled round steak seasoned with Chili Powder, and cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Proof that the grill makes everything better? Behold the crunchy, grilled goodness:

Simple and easy all the way around…


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