>Need. Red. Meat.

> I have been craving red meat a lot lately.. don’t know why, but trying to fight it just makes me cranky (not pretty). So over the weekend I got a family pack of very inexpensive, thin-sliced, round steaks to stick in the freezer and use for things like lo mein, burritos, steak quesidillas, etc… nothing I had planned to use just as a big hunk of meat. However that was what I wanted – a big hunk of steak – so I went with what I had.

I marinaded the steaks in balsamic vinegar for 2 hours after piercing all over with a fork:

Then I spread a little crumbled blue cheese on top of each piece and rolled the meat up around the cheese, like this:

(pardon the chips in the background – we are getting ready to have house guests so I am stocking up on easy snacks for them)
I secured the rolls with some toothpicks I had soaked in water while the meat marinaded, and grilled the steak rolls (about 12 minutes TOTAL for medium on my grill) and served it with a veggie medley.
YUM!! (and The Hub LOVED it!)


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One response to “>Need. Red. Meat.

  1. >you always make the yummiest looking stuff. whenever i cook it looks like crap and takes like crap.

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