>Lazy solo meal

>I had big plans for dinner last night. The Hub had tootled up to the Mts with his fam, leaving me with a little alone time that I had planned to make the most of. Homemade grilled pizza with big chunky tomatoes and olive oil was the original plan. The fall back being tasty sushi or some other takeout that is not really The Hub approved. Then I took the doggie for a giant walk and it was pretty warm and we were pooped when we got back.
And all those plans got chucked for a plate of raspberries, blueberries, and really good blue cheese with crackers, and a super icy glass of slightly fizzy vhino verde (my new summer fave) on the patio.

Sometimes it is nice when you are alone to just keep it simple so you can sit back and enjoy the yummy flavors, no prep, no clean up, no complications – just dinner.

(and maybe room for a bit of ice cream out of the freezer a little later in the evening too – yum)


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