>Crowd Pleasing Casserole!

>So last night I tried out a casserole recipe I was considering for the next Aunt Keri’s Kitchen delivery. It is called “Sicilian Casserole” in the busy cooks section of About.com. and I admit, I had my doubts. It is one of those things that could either be REALLY to-die-for delicious, or TOTALLY beyond disgusting, but nothing in between.
The reviews on it were really good, so I decided it was worth experimenting on The Hub (lucky him, eh?)

It is freaking amazing!!

Here is the recipe

I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. Also, since we all know that The Hub doesn’t like onion, I obviously omitted that, and in place of a premixed Italian seasoning, I added a tablespoon of freeze-dried Basil and 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic (the kind from a jar). I am also not a huge fan of sour cream in things like this, (sometimes it is TOO tangy,) so I used half of the amount called for.
Other than that, I followed the recipe to the letter, and may I say it is not only VERY tasty, but it could really feed a crowd – it is a very hearty, dense, flavorful casserole. I expected it to be really runny, but the bottom layer set up nicely, and it cut and held its shape perfectly! It would be a total hit with kiddos, I’d wager.
So easy and so good – a great new twist on the old “baked pasta” standby!


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