>Uh oh -Grown Up liquid cheese..

> So while at Tony’s Market last Friday night grabbing some cheese plate ingredients, I discovered a magical substance located next to the pre-made Krab spread and Artichoke dips…

Their version of Fromage Fort is freaking amazing. (Eh? What’s Fort Cheese? what are you saying, lady? Click here for the 411) Granted, I have only had the one container, and if they are truly in keeping with the spirit of the substance, then it might not be the same each time (based on the cheese used) but something tells me it would always be amazing!!
Anyway, since The Hub was OOT, I grabbed a nice piece of Tilapia from Sunflower Market on the way home, seasoned it with black pepper and baked it at 350 for between 15 and 20 minutes, removing it a couple minutes before it was done to spread a little Fromage Fort on it.
HOLY MOLY IT WAS GOOD!! The cheese gets the PERFECT consistency in the oven (I have GOT to try making this stuff) and it was a bit salty, so no further seasoning was needed. I put it on a bed of fresh spinach that wilted slightly from the heat of the fish and ate it with some roasted potatoes (with onions, since The Hub wasn’t home) and a chopped up tomato.
So. Good.
I can see Fromage Fort becoming a passion… the concept is so simple, the outcome so delicious. (Besides, “Fromage Fort” is such a nice way to say something as plain as melted leftover cheese)
BTW – On the menu for this evening – simple and delicious potato magic. (I can always honor Julia, even if I really am a little more “Fanny Farmer” in truth.)

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  1. >Oh.my.GOSH. That sounds so incredibly delicious I can barely contain myself!!

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