>Chicken and Sausage Gumbo


The Hub was raised North of Houston, but he lived in New Orleans for a bit, and he LOVES creole cooking. So since I have mastered the Roux (and since reading Consuming Passions has left me wanting to cook all kinds of Southern specialties) I decided to try making this Chicken and Sausage Gumbo recipe after it was pointed out by a fabulous interwebz friend.

I stuck to the recipe (with the one exception of using b/s chicken breast for ease and to cut cooking time) because while The Hub is a gumbo aficionado, I can’t say as I have ever had the stuff, and (as the above-mentioned book discusses at length) the whole “Okra vs No Okra” heated battle between various friends and family members has kept me on the gumbo sidelines. (Personally, I only like okra when it is fried, so this recipe appealed to me since it is okra-less). the only thing I did WAS kind of a biggie tho… I only used half the onion and I full-on grated it in to the pot. I did this to conceal the actual onion from The Hub, while still salvaging the flavor (since it is part of the “Holy Trinity” that is the creole version of a Mirepoix and the basis of the flavor that he really does love, tho he would fixate if he saw a chunk in anything I cooked).

It was very tasty – good flavor, not too spicy (we both actually added some hot sauce, but then we were sniffling and crying as we ate, in a good way, of course). The Hub let it be known quickly that he would like to see this return often in our dinner menus – he was one happy displaced Southern boy last night!


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