>Marinated London Broil

> I’m siiiiiiick… As in “What up, funky cold that has me even disgusting myself” kind of sick.
Gross. Serious.
Be that as it may, after cheating on Sunday night and feeding The Hub a pizza-cicle, I wanted to cook something heart and waistline healthy last night. I had a London Broil that I had taken out of the freezer on Sunday, so I marinated it for about 3 hours in this marinade , trimmed all visable fat, and then cooked it on the George Foreman (it was about 1 to 1 and 1/2 inches thick, so I cooked it a total of 10 minutes.)
I let it rest wrapped loosely in foil while I broiled some asparagus I had sprayed lightly with canola cooking spray and sprinkled with pepper. (I cooked it about 7 minutes total, turning once.)
The steak got cut thin against the grain, the asparagus got cut (The Hub only likes the tops, I prefer the stalks, so we are perfect to share this veggie) and drizzled with lemon juice and dinner was served.
Tasty marinade, for sure!! (I am at a point with Cooking Light recipes where I know if I follow them pretty closely, I am going to have a good meal.)


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