>Burgers and Fries

> This picture illistrates well two things I love about last night’s Burgers and Fries.
#1. Look at those fries. These are Ellie Krieger’s Garlic Fries and they come out perfect every single time. I promise. You don’t have to feel even the slightest bit guilty about these baked-not-fried beauties. Plus, they are crunchy outside, flaky potatoey goodness inside, flavorful and (in my opinion) beautiful on the plate. Try the fries – serious.
#2. The George Foreman Grill is fabulous. Don’t ditch yours, embrace and rediscover it. See those grill lines on my beautiful burger? Yep – George made them. While allowing fat to drain away (actually, I use pretty lean meat, but still.) In 8 minutes (plus 4 pre-heating) I went from frozen patty to juicy, tasty, perfect burger. A little garlic powder and S&P sprinkled on the top before closing the lid results in fabulous flavor seared into the patty. Not only that – but the George Foreman in your basement costs NOTHING to dig out and use instead of buying one of those crazy-expensive panini makers everyone covets these days.

This meal is quick and cost effective and much healthier than any burger someone might hand you out of a window. Just sayin….


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  1. >I love my George Foreman!! I use it to make Panini's all the time and I spent a whopping $8 on it at a garage sale, not around $100 for a Panini maker.

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