Drink – Old Fashion Whiskey Sour

Many moons ago, when I was a fresh new Culinary School Dropout, there was a bit of a Whiskey Sour drunken nightmare incident, let’s just say, and I have been a bit hesitant about going back to them since then.

You see, before Dr. Sissy was Dr. Sissy, she was Drink-ya-under-the table-Sorority-girl Sissy, and it was (of course) during this time period that we celebrated our 21st birthday as any good  Colorado native twin sisters would:  by doing shots and drinking Whiskey Sours at pretty much every bar up and down the Pearl Street Mall, (and a few on the way there as well.) The aftermath was, um, less than pretty.

Needless to say – the sicky-sweet smell of a Whiskey Sour has been enough to activate my gag reflex since that night 12 years ago (DEAR GOD -12 years – I need to take a breath on that one.  Innnn, Ouuut.   Better.)

However – a true Whiskey Sour is not-at-all like the sweet and sour mix laden drinks we pounded before standing on the bar to kiss the buffalo (don’t ask) during our wild and crazy birthday assault.  A classic Whiskey Sour is, as indicated by the name, more sour than sweet.  Let’s make one, shall we?

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