Be – Inspired to eat well!!

Just off the plane from several days of eating our way through San Francisco (there we are up above with the view from Coit Tower behind us), and here I sit realizing I haven’t planned this week’s meals, or even looked in the freezer to get inspiration….  Running late this week, I am just going to have to do it this evening.  I will say, there is NOTHING like a trip to a city full of great food to recharge the desire to create great food at home. (Here I am at Plouf with a glass of bubbly getting ready to chow through the most PERFECTLY cooked scallops – seriously, So. Good.)

Last night was Chicken nachos with a Pepperjack cheese sauce (mmmmm, liquid cheese) just because I saw the bag of chips and big hunk of pepperjack when we walked into the Tree House – so I will have to dig around when I get home and see what is cooking this week. 

I will have the Menu Plan up at Spirit of Power soon.  I should mention that I haven’t done any shopping this week either, not sure if I will hit any of the grocery stores or just work with the stock pile again this week and wait for next week’s circulars to come out.

Pardon my procrastination!

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