Be – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Liquor Store.

A brief walk down memory lane, readers.

It was Wednesday July 28th – The Hub’s parents had departed two days earlier after their annual summer visit, and Potter was recovering from a scary stomach illness that had me very worried.

The Hub trotted off to Trivia night at the local watering hole with the boys, and I decided that some wine and Cougar Town viewing (while cuddling my ailing puppy,) was in order.

There was just one thing I felt I had  to do before heading for the neighborhood liquor store – a “I know nothing is going on, but I will feel better if I see the proof that nothing is happening in there yet” kind of thing….

3 minutes later I was staring at a faint but present second pink line on my First Response early result pregnancy test. (When they say “early result” they mean it!)

I sat down on the bathroom floor blubbering and muttering joyful half words into Potter’s fur and watching the line get darker.

 I skipped the vino and celebrated with some nice juice.

Long story short (too late,) in spite of the lack of posts over the past few months, Keri has been VERY busy cookin’ something VERY special.  🙂

The Cheese Curd (as the little one has been nicknamed by those who know me too well,) is doing beautifully – I spend lots of time listening to that sweet, strong little heartbeat on the Stork Radio doppler I rented.  (Hello in there, your mommy is crazy obsessed with you – get used to it….)

And now we get to share our happy news!!! 

It has been tough to come up with posts, since I am shamelessly consumed with this up-until-now secret information, and also since I spend more time sleeping than a bear in the middle of winter lately, (so. very. tired.)

But I have lots to share:  posts about yummy things we have eaten that I just haven’t quite finished, a few drinks that can be boozy or not, and stories about the day-to-day of  life in the Tree House with this growing blessing (pregnancy dreams are crazy!) It will all be coming soon.

So” Eat, Drink, and Be Keri” is a little more like “Eat a lot, don’t Drink, and Be expanding Keri” for now – don’t worry, it should be a fun ride for all!


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  1. Caitlin

    oh my gosh! I was hoping that’s why things had been kind of quiet over here. Congrats girl, so happy for you.

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