Be – Having crazy dreams

So evidently pregnancy brings out the crazy in my dreams. A combination of joy, worry, and raging hormones (which I can also thank for my skin’s  nasty awesome impersonation of a teenager who ran out of Oxy pads,) I guess.

I had some real doozies during the first trimester, some pregnancy related, some not.

The high points of the pregnancy related dreams have included:

–  That a girl who would NEVER be catty about physical appearances told me I needed to expand my makeup brush collection to cover my zits – I actually woke up crying on that one.

– That I got so big I couldn’t fit out of the Tree House door and had to use up all my FMLA leave before I even gave birth to The Curd.

–  That at my first ultra sound the tech said it seemed to be a martini olive in there. 

– That I peed my pants in the middle of a meeting (actually I have had dreams that I peed my pants just about any place you can think of – usually I wake up and realize I have to pee, which is CONSTANT.)

-And, my personal favorite, the one where I was very pregnant throughout the whole dream, but then I was suddenly cleaning “our” closet (though it was HUGE and super sweet, with tons of space, so it wasn’t really our closet) when The Hub came in (presumably from the hospital) and told me that we had our baby and it was a boy and all was well.  I was excited and went on stacking shoe boxes and talking happily to him.   

Hey, a birth so easy I didn’t even have to actually attend!

Aside of that, there are LOTS of food dreams.  If I thought I dreamed about food and cooking a lot before, it is totally OOC now.   I wake up after dreaming about grilling a steak, and it is SO disappointing that it isn’t there waiting for me to eat.    I have actually been shocked that I have not had a single dream (or hint of a craving) involving wine. 

Now olive juice, that is another story.  Maybe it really is a martini olive in there.

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