Be – I’m no Bing Crosby.

White Christmas is one of my favorite movies – I watch it A LOT this time of year, unapologetically saying all of the lines right along with Bing, Danny, Rosemary and the rest.

My ringtone for Dr. Sissy is, indeed, “Sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters….”

I love me some White Christmas.

My favorite part of all is when Bing tells Rosemary to “grab the cow” and they sit around that sweet fire pit and he tells her (in song,) to fall asleep counting her blessings.  I always think this is a VERY good idea – kind of like when I was little and had a nightmare – mom would tell me to think of something happy and I would fall asleep thinking of butterflies and my Great Aunt Della.

I admit that I spend a lot of time laying in bed with my eyes open of late, letting my mind spin about all of the preparations and expectations that go along with The Cub’s coming arrival.  So I decided this week to give Bing’s theory a fresh try.   After all, I have SO MUCH to be thankful for – I feel often like I am drowning in blessings of late.  Drifting off to a list of them sounds comforting and peaceful, right?

Except if you are Keri, who has to OVER imagine everything.  After (yet another) one of my middle-of-the-night bathroom trips earlier this week, I laid back down, closed my eyes, and started making my list.    As I did, I actually visualized each blessing as a puffy white sheep hopping over a fence in front of (what appeared to be) the Fisher Price little people farm.

My sweet binky doggie asleep at my feet – hop went the little sheep

The Hub, home safe and sound in all his fabulousness – boing, another sheep over the fence

Cubby the Sweet Baby Curd, healthy and thriving and squirming around –  Hop – the blessing sheep started to jump the fence

BUT WAIT – really the blessing was that my whole family was safe, and healthy, and thriving – and in midair above the fence, the puffy sheep got bigger…

BUT THEN AGAIN – it wasn’t just my family, it was  The Hub’s family, and our friends too –  and the suspended sheep expanded again in my mind, and then his little legs flailed a bit and he tipped out of the sky and landed on the little fence in a heap.

After that all the blessing sheep were bigger or smaller depending, and they had personalities and outfits and…..

I was wide awake and lost tending to my blessing sheep farm.

Any other “great ideas,” Bing?

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