Eat – Lazy Buckeye Crunch

A few year’s ago one of The Hub’s Ohio-dwelling relatives sent us a box of something called “Buckeye Crunch”  with our Christmas package.  I scoffed at the snack, and added it to the pile of OSU stuff we received that year.  However, a few days later I found The Hub snacking on it and decided to grab a handful for myself.

Well shut my mouth and call me Brutus – the stuff is A-MAYYYYYY-ZIIIIIIING!  Carmel popcorn and peanuts with chocolate and peanut butter, as if they had melted a bunch of delicious buckeyes and encased the mixture in them!

My very next thought was “WAIT, I can totally make that!”  The first year I made homemade Carmel corn, which added a bunch of time and effort to the whole thing – so I decided I would “lazy it up” a bit.

So I did – let’s make some.  Here we go:

Full Post and Recipe

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