Eat, Briefly – Father-in-law salad

When my Father-in-law cooked dinner while visiting this past summer, he whipped up a salad to go with our tasty steaks that The Hub practically inhaled!

His version used bagged baby spinach, but since The Hub isn’t a huge fan of spinach and I was making the salad into our whole dinner, I decided to go with Iceberg for him.  There are so many other healthy bits in this salad, I didn’t even feel that guilty about it either.

Into the bowl with the Iceberg I added a couple of handfuls of dried cranberries, some candied pecans, and a supremed orange.  The whole thing got tossed with some store-bought raspberry vinaigrette and topped with some grilled chicken seasoned with Herbs de Provence (thanks to my trusty George Foreman Grill) and dinner was ready in no time flat.

Thanks for the salad your son will actually eat, FIL!


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