Be – Showered With Love (and humbled)

This past weekend I was honored to be the given a shower by my Dear Friend along with Dr. Sissy (who came into town with smushy Nephew Vaughny – who may actually know more words than me at this point, the little genius.)

It was a beautiful luncheon at Second Home, and I was so humbled and grateful to be surrounded by the love of such wise and wonderful women.

Just look at this beautiful table:

And this brought-tears-to-my-eyes favor/note at each place – such an amazingly thoughtful gesture and truly more valued than I think Sissy and Friend can ever even know:

Each guest wrote a card with advice for mom (me) on one side, and a message to our little guy on the other – I have been laughing, crying, oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over them, and I KNOW that the advice will be well and often used as we grow and learn as new parents.

It is an amazing feeling to be so wrapped in love and see all of the support and caring that surrounds me – and that will surround Cubbie when he makes his grand entrance.  Just another moment of many where I have to stop and thank God for the many blessings in our life.   I am so very, very lucky indeed.

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