Be – Cooper’s Mom

A week ago this evening our newest family member made his grand debut.  At 37 weeks and 3 days, I knew I *could* go into labor at any time, but I really felt like I was in it for the long haul – I hadn’t had any of the usual pre-labor symptoms and I really wasn’t uncomfortable at all…

I was just trucking along, expecting to be 40 weeks plus and asking the doc “so do you think he will come soon?”

Sat up at 4am last Sunday morning to go pee for the bajillionth time that night and felt a funny kind of “pop” in my bump.  I looked down at  the end of the sofa where my preggo self has been sleeping so I can hoist myself up for all of those bathroom trips at Potter, who had cracked one eye open to see what I was doing and said “was that my water!?”

He didn’t seem to know, or he was keeping the secret to his furry self – and so far I hadn’t sprung a leak, so I did what any normal person does these days – I Googled “did my water just break?” and was advised to lay down and sit back up in a couple minutes to see if fluid would leak after.  I began to lay down and TAH DAH – yep – water had broken.

I went into the bedroom, towel between legs, and woke The Hub – when he seemed a bit groggy and unbelieving I said “GET UP, MY WATER JUST BROKE, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GO!!!”  When he asked if I was sure, I said “YES, I GOOGLED IT!”

I was not having pain, so I made my way around the condo gathering Potter’s stuff and calling my folks to come and pick him up, and told The Hub to grab a quick shower.  Within a half hour things were getting painful and I said we had to go.

We only live 7 or so minutes from the hospital, and The Hub *may* have run a few lights – so we were there quickly – by then the pain was getting pretty bad – I groped my way in with his help and the triage nurse checked me out (not before I had to have The Hub wrestle my maternity skinny jeans off for me since I just couldn’t concentrate enough to get the job done,) and, while throwing up the sides of the bed and calling to say we were on our way up she informed us I was at 8cms.  8 CENTIMETERS!?  WTF!?

Upon arriving upstairs, by this time talking crazy with pain, they said I was now pretty much 9 cms.  I informed The Hub while grasping his hand that I didn’t see how we would have time for the epidural I kept loudly requesting.  I screamed bloody murder (The Hub calls it my “Space Mountain Scream” because it is the only time he ever heard me “scream” – my scream is more like a loud yell, more like a dude…  I am not a high pitched screamer,) and I explained to everyone (in between begging for help,) that I was dying and quite simply could not do this.  I argued profusely with anyone who said different.  The Hub was a good coach, the nurses were great – I was possibly in need of an Exorcist.

I was signing permission for anything they would give me (which was pretty much what I had planned, ) and they gave me some IV meds to take the edge off.  I have heard less-than-stellar reviews about how well those things work, but it was just what I needed, and allowed them to put the epidural in place quickly and effectively, in spite of my being so dilated and having contractions coming one right after the next.

And so I labored away and early in the evening, with the help of the smallest nudge from the doc over my bone, Cooper Wynn was born.  All 8 lbs and 1 oz of him.  He had a little stress during labor, and we were very happy to have him born, safe and sound and pinking up fast.

My parents had decided that they would head down toward the hospital and see if The Hub needed anything, or if I wanted company since labor had grown long – so they were literally moments away when Cooper was born and got to see him when he was maybe an hour old (it is a bit hard to judge time during all of that, I had NO clue to be honest.)

The Hub snapped away with our camera, fed me mountains of ice chips, helped me communicate and listen to the professionals, and told me endless supportive things about how great I was doing.  In short, he was fabulous.

We moved to our Mom/Baby room and settled in – Cooper had some temperature and low blood sugar issues – so he went back and forth to the nursery a few times to hang out under the warmer, and we spent an “extra” night in the hospital while they monitored his sugar and while his mom got some extra pain management help (I will skip the literally bloody details of “the magical effect of childbirth” on my body – it wasn’t really shocking since it isn’t hard to find information about what to expect in this day and age – but it was and is no small thing, for sure. )        :o(

And then Wednesday we strapped our son into his little seat and The Hub drove us home (at like 5 mph, God bless his overprotective Father self,) and we started to settle in.  I am adjusting to the idea that wine, sushi, caffeine, all kinds of medications (and MAN do they give you  a lot of crap to take,) etc are all ok again… crazy.

Potter-pie joined us from his vacation at camp Nana and Pop yesterday, and today we celebrate a week in the life of Cooper.

Watching my husband is surreal – cuddling the kiddo in between running out with lists of stuff from the grocery and drug store that I need – I have seen him morph into a cord-cutting, stool-softener-buying, goes to the grocery store at 7:30 am father – and it is amazing and sweet and heartwarming.

So here I am – being Cooper’s mom, learning so much every day, and watching him grow and learn too.

It was a bit of a shock for it to happen so suddenly – but oh is he worth it.   🙂

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