Be – On a roll

Today is “bike to work” day.

A friend’s observation regarding this on Facebook brought to mind a mental picture of me if I had “biked to work”.  It would involve me strapping Coop to my back (or into one of those crazy little kid seats you slap on the back of a bike,) and wearing Potter on my head like one of those big fur hats inhabitants of Siberia wear, and pedaling off while towing a trailer full of all of their crap (and mine too, if there was space.)

Never mind that I can’t even really ride a bike. (I am really good at crashing though – which isn’t so hot when you have 3/4 of your family loaded on one bike.)


To be honest, after getting everyone’s stuff together, Potter loaded into his soft travel kennel, Junior loaded into his car seat and snapped in to place, all the gear in the car, and then making the rounds dropping various passengers and stuff off at respective day cares, I was just impressed that I remembered to put pants on when I looked down in the parking garage at work. (Not to mention I was on time, AND I didn’t look back and find a kid or a dog still sitting in the back seat!)

Seriously – settling into my desk with my first cup of coffee (hello, lover) to go through the night’s accumulated emails, I had a sense of accomplishment equal to that of someone who HAD just biked to work.  20 miles up hill in the snow on a bike with flat tires.

I was on a working mom high – like I could do ANYTHING, when in reality all I had managed to do was NOT leave my kid at doggie day care accidentally.

I did have time to pack a lunch for myself, and I did NOT leave it on the table like I did last time I did that.

This is the new definition of “on a roll” in Keri-land.

Momma is on a roll.

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