Be Keri, the “before and after” Junior ed.

This post from the ALWAYS hilarious Parenting in Crappy Pictures got me thinking about the many ways my everyday patterns were instantly and forever altered the moment Jr. made his grand entrance into our lives.

For instance:

Bathroom Breaks BC (Before Cooper): I realize I have to pee (which is often,) so I go.

Bathroom Breaks WJ (With Junior):  I realize I have to pee, but we are running late out the door to day care, so I hold it.  8 hours later I walk in the front door of day care to pick the kiddo up, see the bathroom and realize I have had to pee all day.  I decide to wait until we get home.  But then I start dinner, and……  At 10:30 pm, I pee while simultaneously brushing my teeth and washing my face.

Thoughts  on Sleep BC: “Ugh, I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, I am SO run down.  Zzzzzzzzzz.”

Thoughts on Sleep WJ: “I got 5 full hours of sleep last night!  AND by getting up at 5 am I got some great me time while making bottles and straightening up the living room!” (Ok, I am sleeping more than this most of the time now, but in the beginning I was just happy to get 2 consecutive hours, ANY TIME day or night.)

Personal Hygiene BC:  Ahhhh, nothing like a nice long soak in the tub with a good book and a glass of vino.

Personal Hygiene WJ: Ahhhhh, 10 full minutes in the shower all to myself….  with the baby monitor.

Encountering a poor driver BC:  Hmmm, that guy almost hit me, I will toot my horn, perhaps… or just mutter under my breath.

Encountering a poor driver WJ: Lean on horn (which my hand has been hovering above since I first eyed the offender’s semi-poor behavior,) and yell out the window “IF YOU HIT ME WITH MY KID IN THE CAR, I WILL END YOU!!!!”  (This needs to stop before Jr can repeat things.)

Big Friday Night BC:  Happy hour, followed by dinner some place where waiting for a table might be required, and then (depending on how motivated we felt,) to a bar or friends’ place for more merriment.

Big Friday Night WJ:  The Hub shakes up some martinis, I throw a pizza on the grill, and (depending on how motivated we feel,) we eat out on the patio. Falling asleep on the sofa may be involved.

Coffee Consumption BC:  1 cup, with a perfect amount of creamer, savored while watching the morning news.

Coffee Consumption WJ: 3 cups (or more,) pounded with one hand while other hand drives car, types, or answers phone calls at work.


But most important –

Amount of love in life BC:  Plenty

Amount of love in life WJ:  More than I ever knew was possible.  And then some.


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2 responses to “Be Keri, the “before and after” Junior ed.

  1. Annie

    Love this! So true. The shower thing is the best still…although now that Grace walks and talks she comes in and says “MAMA! You shower?” Yes sweetie mama is showering.

  2. Ha ha! Like when Dr. Sissy goes to the bathroom and Vaughny goes “commin” and follows right after!

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