Be – makin’ a list

We all have a list of “can’t make it through a day without” items – I never really thought about it until Jr. came along and suddenly there were things I HAD to have – little lifesavers that made everything just “work”.

Here are some things that make “Being Keri” possible:

-Giant Sunglasses – these are a new mom’s BFF.  Faster than concealer and able to cover sleepy eyes for errands with a flick of the wrist.  Added bonus, you can rock them indoors like a diva while picking up Pampers at Target.

Pinxav – This stuff is the shiz.  Only available in stores in the tiniest of areas in parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania, I have coveted and horded it since my in-the-know Ohio mommy friend T introduced me to it.  This will cure whatever diaper-rash sitch ails your babe’s backside. Pinky(xav) swear it.

The Video Monitor – Baby Surveillance is my new fave hobby.  Pour mama a big glass o’ Vhino Verde and plop me on the patio with this sucker – it is like a tiny TV where my favorite show is always on. With this little gadget I am now free to move about the Tree House. DING!

-Cute Flats – in both sandal and closed varieties.  Cute and practical shoes mean that I feel much less guilty about not teetering into daycare in my giant heals. (Actually I usually wear flip flops and switch shoes at work if I want to wear heals, but who has time for that every day!?)

Shout Wipes – I was spill-prone before baby.  Things certainly did not improve after.  Some moms swear by the Tide Pen, but for me these wipes are THE on-the-go stain solution.

-Thumb drives – and LOTS of ’em.  The Keri-mobile has a USB port, so I store music on them (Hello Veggie Tales for Jr and Jason Aldean for Mommy!) Also work that goes back-and-forth to and from the office for me, and all of those fabulous pics of Cooper doing every little thing that a baby does.  NEED.  MORE. THUMB DRIVES.

-Travel mug – coffee= good.  No time for coffee in morning= giant prob. This solves that prob. No touchy my mug unless you want to lose a finger.

Cami Secret – Yep, “As Seen On TV” – many shirts that were a-ok before Junior now provide WAY too much information due to the tugging that occurs when you hold a baby.  This keeps my wardrobe PG and pretty.


In addition to all of that, there are some things I HAVE to have on hand in the fridge or cabinet at all times now, for quick lunches or dinners.  Things like pasta (it isn’t just for maranara sauce people – spaghetti works great at lo mein, or a base for a quick 3 way chili-esque type meal,) bread/tortillas (leftovers transform into Forman Grill paninis or wraps that will actually get The Hub to eat some veggies,) and shredded cheddar (when in doubt, melt some cheese on it – shredding my own is now very low on my priority list,) make getting dinner on the table a snap when I am pooped or just want some extra time with the kiddo.  Doubling the amount of a protein that I cook when I do it means that I will have half to freeze for quick use later too. (God bless the freezer!)

What can’t YOU live without?  Share your secrets for getting through your days with me!

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