Eat, Briefly – When in doubt – Tex Mex

Freezer/Pantry week continues!

Woops – no slightly grainy pic to accompany this, but it is self-explanatory anyhoo.

3 words for you Bow-Re-Tow.

(Ok, just one, but the way I feel about it makes me think it deserves at least 3.)


You can’t go wrong with using up leftovers as filling for a delicious burrito.  Last night for us it was some cooked diced pot roast, half a can of black beans, and a tablespoon of adobo paste – all from the freezer – mixed well, piled into tortillas and covered in enchilada sauce (also from the freezer) and cheddar.

And people, you may want to sit down because I then did something shocking.  I microwaved each one on an individual plate.  Say what you will, but piping hot Tex-Mexi goodness was on the table in 3 minutes, and we both basically licked those plates clean.

Oh Bow-Re-Tow, what can’t you do?


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