Be- Textbook “Keri”

I was a Girl Scout until I was a freshman in high school, but I have a Boy Scout mentality about almost any situation – I like to Be Prepared.  However, I’m not sure the scouting community would encourage anyone to take it to Keri-esque levels.

When going into a new situation, I like to gather as much information about it as possible, and then when things still don’t go as planned, at least I know to what degree I should be freaking out. (This is totally reasonable in my mind, so please don’t burst my crazy bubble, m’kay?)

A textbook example of this technique is currently unfolding at the Tree House, as I begin to  panic about prepare for our first plane trip with Junior.  I confess there have been actual nightmares about it, and not just one or two.  (The one where the flight attendant announces that it is time to turn off all electronic devices and place pacifiers in all babies’ mouths for take off, and I can’t find even one of the bajillion pacis I had packed in a diaper bag that seems to grow larger through out the dream has plagued me lately.)

So I am making lists, coordinating with The Hub’s relatives down in Texas to lay in a supply of baby paraphernalia that I then won’t have to pack,  and using the TSA and airline websites to plot our journey from the unloading zone where my mom and daddy will drop us and all of our stuff, all the way through gate checking the stroller, various things for Junior to suck on and play with and sleep under in flight, and through until we plop him into the car seat installed in The Hub’s folks’ car and motor off towards our holiday home.  With stops at security, extra supplies for possible blow outs, flight delays, behavior meltdowns, and all other horrors I hope won’t come to pass.

(Breathe Keri…  breathe.  Heeeee Heeeee Whooooooooo, Heeeeee Heeeee Whooooooooooo.  I knew that “Prepared Labor” class would come in handy for something.)

Traveling with Junior in tow also means that I can’t handle my first flight in well over a year with my usual Valley-of-the-Dolls-Ativan-and-Chardonnay technique, which means I get to spend some extra time on my favorite freaked-out-by-planes website, (PSA, if you or someone you know is freaked out by flying, this website actually kind of changed my life – in reality it eased my fears easily as much as any amount of Mimosas at the airport bar ever could – give it a try,) but I digress.

This is just how I operate.  I panic and flutter and scurry and prepare all the way up until it is go-time, and then go is exactly what I do.  I have read about it, watched the videos of it, I have packed for it, rehearsed it, checked it all off in my mind, and then I execute.  Usually with an impressive amount of “been-there-done-that-no-biggie” attitude thrown in for good measure.  I know that is what will happen with this too.  Maybe I do it just so I can give The Hub the “what do you mean you don’t know how this all works!?” eye roll like I am a savvy veteran of all things.  Whatever the reason, it does tend to work, so I guess I will just keep on keepin’ on with the freakin’ out.

Ding, you are now free to move about the crazy, er cabin.

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