Be- A real live grown up

Ahhhh, New Year’s Day.

A time to make yourself promises you won’t keep while nursing your hangover with Mimosas. A fresh start, a time for resolutions and goal setting and reassessing.

This morning while enjoying the fact that I am decidedly NOT hung over for the 2nd year in a row, thanks to Junior, I was watching the Today show when this piece came on.

I thought to myself, “man, she is badass – can I be her when I grow up?”  (Watch the segment – Jenna and Lester both are in STUPID good shape – it is crazy impressive.)

And then I thought – “Hey wait – I am a grown up, I can be anything I want.”  (Ok, maybe not an NFL superstar, but in this case, it was totally within my power.)

It was kind of perfect timing for the revelation – I am 35, I am a mom, I am a wife, I have a mortgage and a job and a full-blown adult life.

But I often find myself thinking “someday” about things  I want for myself.  From the petty to the profound, it seems I am always thinking that things are somewhere off down the road in the magical future.

Someday I would like to earn what my degree and experience make me worth.”

Someday I will be the type of woman who doesn’t have jacked up cuticles.”

Someday I’ll write that children’s’ book I have in my mind.”

Someday I am going to work out and be a total tough girl.”

And some that I put way down the road in my mind because I am not completely on board with enacting them in my life.  Things like:

Someday I will accept that Liquid Cheese is a sometimes food.”


Someday I will purge the crap from my closets and my life.”

Um yeah….  Hey Ker,  what are ya waitin’ for?

So I am declaring 2012 officially Someday.

Which means not selling myself short.  But it also means not using it as an excuse to live down to that expectation.

That can mean working hard, and it can also mean failures.  And that is scary.

But let’s face it – doing a few laps around the block, rubbing in some cuticle cream, and using Liquid Cheese as an occasional condiment instead of  a daily beverage probably never killed anyone.

So why not.







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