Eat, Briefly – Spicy flank steak with crispy polenta and burst grape tomatoes

Uh, yum.

I really wish this pic was better – I was using a different camera and it is no bueno. (Because my usual pics are such art – snort gafaw chuckle.)

But people this was GOOOOOOOD.

I tossed a piece of flank steak into a marinade of lime juice, cumin, garlic powder, and cayenne on Sunday, so it was all ready to use and full of flavor.

The Hub is illin’ and on an all-Grilled-Cheese-and-Soup diet for the moment, so I decided to go with tomatoes only instead of the bell peppers I had planned, and I put the rest of the marinated steak into the freezer to use when he is feeling better.

I preheated this assmbly in the oven and cooked the whole deal on one tray:

The polenta was just the pre-ccoked tube – near the rice and noodle stuff or the Italian foods in the grocery – I just sliced some rounds:

I sprinkled it with just a bit of parmasan cheese and popped the whole kit-n-kiboodle under the broiler for 15 minutes on high – turning the steak and polenta cakes half way through. (since my piece of flank steak was small and I like my meat pink, I pulled it out early and let it rest while everything else finished.)

I cut the steak up in pieces instead of strips because I am now feeding a 9 month old who LOVES HIM SOME FOOD and doesn’t like to wait while mommy cuts bites for herself…. and tries to grab the knife anyway, so…

Other fun facts – did you know that if you leave out the olives, you can make a big ol’ dirty martini for just under 300 calories?  Niiiiiiice.  (Note the ice cube – I was totally nursing my ‘tini while cooking , and it got less-than-chilled.  007 would NOT be impressed.)


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