Drink – Manhattan

This is another one that will kind of make you whack the table and whisper “Smmmoooooth” in an attempt to cover your watering eyes.  It’s no girly beverage, but it does give you a nice warm feeling in your belly on a chilly night.

And it is a classic, for sure.  (BTW, it looks like some folks make this with other Whiskey types, so use what you like if Bourbon isn’t your thing, chicken wing.)

What you need:

3/4 oz sweet vermouth

2 1/2 oz bourbon whiskey

1 dash Angostura bitter

s 1 maraschino  cherry

glass or pitcher for mixing


What you do:

This is not a drink you want to shake – evidently it is easy to “bruise” the spirits and cloud the drink up. (No, really.)

So, in the mixing vessel of your choice, add the ice, bourbon, bitters, sweet vermouth, and stir gently but thoroughly.

This also means that I get to bust out our bar tools – the VERY FIRST THING we registered for after we got engaged, BTW.

Oooooo – strainer!

I doubled the recipe to mix two, because Cocktail hour without The Hub is no kind of party I want to attend.  🙂

Drop a cherry (or two, if you roll phat like we do at The Tree House,) in the bottom of a martini glass and strain in your drinky:

Careful – that first sip’s a doozy.  Cheers.


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